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What does GiveRoll do?
GiveRoll makes it easier for everyday donors to have an impact on the issues they care about most. Do more with your money by creating a personal donation portfolio and contribute to any of our six high-impact funds.


Why donation funds?
Make high-impact donations through philanthropic funds managed by experts. It’s like a mutual fund, but for maximizing the impact of your donations, and not your investment returns. By combining individual portfolios into a focused fund, we are able to provide one-time monthly donations that charities can rely on. This reduces their administrative costs, meaning your donation dollars go further.


Will my donation be tax-deductible?
Your donation is being made to a donor-advised fund at GiveRoll, powered by High Impact Philanthropy, Inc., a California nonprofit corporation and a Section (501)(c)(3) tax-exempt organization (EIN: 84-1904099). IRS Determination Letter 100% of your contribution is tax-deductible to the extent otherwise allowed by law. No goods or services have been provided to you in return for your donation.


How do you choose the charities you support?
Our focus is on finding high-impact charities which are determined through our research so that you can trust that your money is going to make the biggest difference towards the causes you care about most. GiveRoll selects these charities by assessing them along four criteria: Their evidence of financial health, accountability, effectiveness, and transparency.


Where can I see the Impact that I and the community are making?
Every quarter, we will send you an Impact Report with your personal donation distribution and the community’s collective impact. See the latest report


When does GiveRoll grant funds it has collected to charities?
GiveRoll grants donated funds to other charities every quarter and charges a 4.15% fee. This fee is used to pay banks, credit card companies and other administrative costs.

We at buildOn are so excited to be included in GiveRoll’s Quality Education Fund. This ingenious tool will allow us to raise critical sustaining funds from new donors while giving contributors the convenience of supporting multiple causes they care about at once. - Carrie Pena, CMO, buildOn


Why Giveroll

Donate to 18 high-impact charities at once.
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One trusted place to set up monthly donations to several causes you care about.

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Track your total impact across multiple charities with our personalized quarterly impact reports, based on your GiveRoll portfolio.

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Stop juggling phone calls and direct mail from individual charities, manage your giving with one monthly payment.